Mirroring stickers?

What's the intention of sticking or ordering stickers in mirror image?

If you change the "mirror" option, you will see that the preview will immediately mirror. The image just turns around.

For example, if you want the flames of a sticker on both sides of your car, motorcycle, scooter or boat to point in the same direction, you need to order 2 separate stickers: a regular sticker (not mirrored) and the same sticker in mirror image.

mirrored stickers

Mirrored text stickers are only legible on the outside of a window if you stick them on the inside.

mirrored text stickers

Full color stickers (printed stickers):
- on a pane: if a mirrored full color sticker is glued on the inside, it will not be visible or legible on the outside

stickers in mirror image diamond

- on an ordinary surface: with a mirrored full-color sticker, the image is simply reversed

mirror full-color stickers