Have stickers made at stickers.be

See a nice sticker and want to have it at home? Or would you like to have personalized stickers made? Then you're good! At Stickers.be we print all kinds of stickers, both personalized and standard stickers.

Make your own stickers?

Both text and name stickers if fully personalized decals can be made by us. Think of stickers for a birth, personalized car stickers and more. Follow the instructions and you will soon be enjoying your new stickers!

With our handy name and text stickers tool you get a good preview of what the final product will look like. This way you can be sure that you buy the right thing! We make all our stickers completely custom, so we can continue to guarantee quality.

Buy classic stickers

There are stickers that have been the same for years and have become very recognizable, for example a dog's paw, no smoking stickers, baby on board stickers, and so on. We have a large assortment available.

Our stickers are therefore not only for at home, but are also indispensable at the office, at school or even outside. The best example of this is the prohibition stickers. No smoking stickers, no entry stickers, no eating stickers, and so on.

Be sure to explore our webshop, who knows, you might find the perfect sticker! Looking for something specific? To guide you through our wide range, we have divided them into different categories. Use it to quickly find what you're looking for or use our search function at the top!