Bicycle stickers

Bicycle stickers are a fun and personal addition to your bicycle. Whether you want to decorate your bicycle with a nice pattern, a beautiful image or your own design, on you will find an extensive range of bicycle stickers in all shapes and sizes.


Nice bike stickers for your bike

Our bicycle stickers are made of high-quality materials and can withstand various weather conditions. So you can safely use them outside without them quickly fading or peeling off.

You can easily apply our bicycle stickers to your bicycle. Clean and dry the surface thoroughly before applying the sticker. Make sure you stick the sticker on a flat and smooth surface so that it adheres well. If you apply the sticker correctly, it will stay beautiful for a long time and give your bike a personal touch.

In addition to bicycle stickers, we also have other types of stickers available, such as window stickers, car stickers and wall stickers. You can even have your own design printed with us! View our range and be inspired.


Types of bicycle stickers

Of course there are different stickers that will each have their own special place on your bike. Be sure to take a look at our catalog.
You will find many stickers with us and you can easily order them. Would you like to make your own design and have it printed by us? That is also possible because we make all our stickers completely custom. Submit your design.


Personalized name sticker as a bicycle sticker

Looking for a unique and personal bike sticker? Then consider our personalized name stickers! These stickers are not only fun for your laptop, school supplies or wall, but can also serve perfectly as a bicycle sticker.

On our website you can easily enter a name or text of your choice and have it printed on a sticker. The name sticker is available in different sizes and colors, so you can match it perfectly to your bike. In addition, our stickers are of high quality and can withstand various weather conditions. This way you can take your personalized bicycle sticker with you wherever you go.

The name sticker is not only a nice addition to your bike, but also makes it easier to recognize your bike among all the other bikes. Order your personalized name sticker on our website today and make your bike even more unique!


Make good use of every surface

You can stick our stickers on almost any surface; windows, wooden doors, walls, on your car, and so on. So you can use them anywhere, a real advantage that saves you space indoors or outdoors. This is important with bicycle stickers if you also want to be able to stick to the aluminum.


bicycle with a bicycle sticker

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I stick bicycle stickers?

Before you start, clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water. After this you need to make the surface free of grease and dust. Do not use white spirit, thinner or the like for this purpose. Make sure it is not colder than 10°C when you are going to stick and avoid full sun.

For more info, check out our sticking instructions.


Where can you buy bicycle stickers?

Bicycle stickers are available from various manufacturers. At you can enjoy a wide range of standard stickers and you can also have your own designs printed. Wall stickers, car stickers, name stickers and more also available.