Window stickers

Window stickers are a nice addition to almost any interior. In our extensive range you will certainly find a sticker that fits perfectly in your home. Think of fun motifs, figures such as birds and butterflies... Whatever stickers you're looking for, you'll find them on!


Nice window stickers for your home

You have probably come across window stickers before. Flowers and birds are the most popular variants. In addition, the stickers with quotes or your own text are also very popular with people at home.
What is also very nice, and is becoming increasingly popular, are window stickers that cover your entire window and are used as a kind of stained glass window. This way you create a beautiful, unique incidence of light and a beautiful shadow play in your home.


Window stickers for your car, bar, office…

In addition to the variants for the home, there are also window stickers that you stick in your car, at the office or somewhere else. For example, prohibition stickers are very popular in the office. You can find these practical, universally understandable stickers with us at 'forbidden'.

In addition, various food & drink stickers are also available. Handy for your chip shop, snack bar, hip coffee bar, bakery, restaurant, and so on. You can find this in the category food and drink.
Make a colleague's, family's or loved one's birthday even more special with a beautiful window sticker to celebrate the occasion! Our stickers also stick to mugs, which is useful when the birthday girl doesn't often sit next to a window and you want to make sure your sticker is noticed.


Make good use of every surface

You can stick our stickers on almost any surface; windows, wooden doors, walls, on your car, and so on. So you can use them anywhere, a real advantage that saves you space indoors or outdoors. Bee car stickers this is important if you also want to be able to stick to the aluminum.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I stick window stickers?

Before you start, clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water. After this you need to make the surface free of grease and dust. Do not use white spirit, thinner or the like for this purpose. Make sure it is not colder than 10°C when you are going to stick and avoid full sun.

For more info, check out our sticking instructions.


Where can you buy window stickers?

Window stickers are available from various manufacturers. At you can enjoy a wide range of standard stickers and you can also have your own designs printed. Wall decals, car decals and more also available.