Have stickers made: questions and answers.

Ordinary cut stickers, text stickers or name stickers:
These are cut from a roll of self-adhesive foil using a computer-controlled cutting plotter. Then the excess background is removed and an application film is applied over it to keep it together and to facilitate the sticking process, see our sticking instruction "How do you apply stickers?" The stickers have no background, only the drawing or text sticks. The color you choose is the color of the roll of foil from which the sticker is cut out.

how are stickers made: cut sticker
sticker cut from white vinyl


how are stickers made: text sticker
text sticker cut from gray vinyl


Full color contour cut stickers:
These are first printed on white, self-adhesive film and then contour cut. You only stick the shape of the drawing or image, like in these examples:

how are stickers made: full color sticker contour cut
full color sticker contour cut


how are stickers made: sticker full color contour cut
full color sticker contour cut
  • Make the sticker warm with a heat gun or hairdryer. The foil then softens and is more easily detached from the substrate. You can remove adhesive residue with benzene. This is better than aggressive products such as white spirit or thinner!
  • The stickers are made per order, we have nothing in stock.
    After receiving your payment, your order will be shipped within ± 3 working days.
  • Yes, if they are well applied, this won't cause any problems. Carefully follow our applying stickers instructions for this. After sticking and removing the application film, you should always rub the sticker well again. Do this especially at the ends and the fine points. It is best to wait 2 to 3 days before using your wipers. It is also recommended to wait a week for a car wash. By then the glue will be cured and fully bonded.
  • It is impossible to display all the stickers from our range on this site. You can poke around in our catalog, here you will find the entire bundle per category. If you find something that you like, but the sticker is not among the examples in our shop, please send us an email with the correct category in which you found the sticker and the code below the model. Also state the color and size you want. We will let you know as soon as possible.