Applying stickers instructions and material

How do you apply text stickers or other stickers? With these applying stickers instructions ...

Our stickers are made from self-adhesive molded PVC film. It is specifically designed for durable lettering and decoration on vehicles. The material is highly deformable and also suitable for rivets and corrugations. Click on the links at the bottom to download our sticking instructions. 

View the description of the material on the manufacturer's website.

Technical data sheet of the material we use to make our stickers:

material weatherproof self-adhesive molded PVC film (see file)
use durable lettering, also on undulations and rivets
thickness 60 microns
glue permanent, solvent polyacrylate
durability black and white: 8 years - colors: 7 years - metallic: 5 years
application temperature minimum 10 ° - ideal ± 18 ° - ! never stick in the bright sun!
° C resistance -50 ° C to + 110 ° C
In a car wash, special products are used that consist of polymers and silicones to make car windows water-resistant for a long time. This is thè big enemy before you are going to stick your sticker. Therefore, it's important to carefully degrease it with Isopropanol or with another alcohol. Otherwise your sticker will be lost!
car wash resistant 1 week after sticking the stickers, but at your own risk
guarantee for sticking we do not stick the stickers ourselves and therefore we cannot give any guarantees


Click here to download the sticking instruction for text stickers and regular stickers.
Click here to download the sticking instructions for sun-visors.