car-sticker baby-on-board-016


The font of this example is “Bimini”.

Name * 

You can personalize the name on this sticker. Enter your desired name here.

The text you typed in the field above will be made in this font.

You can also choose another "on board" text. This does not change here in the example.

The size of the sticker is always the size of the longest side. This can be the width or the height, depending on the shape of the sticker.

The colors in the example may differ from the final result due to the settings of your screen.

Order the sticker in mirror image. See FAQ for more explanation.

Volume discount

Per order of the same stickers in the same color, size and mirror image.

  • 5% discount starting from 2 pieces
  • 10% discount starting from 6 pieces
  • 15% discount starting from 10 pieces
  • 20% discount starting from 20 pieces
  • 25% discount starting from 51 pieces
  • Delivery with bpost within ± 3 working days
  • 100% secure transaction with Let's Encrypt